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BBQs - Some new ideas!

BBQ season is quickly approaching, and while I’m a fan of the classic burgers & sausages, I have a feeling outdoor dining will be more than popular this year! So, while the classics remain delicious, why not try out some around the world barbecue ideas to keep your mealtimes exciting.

For an Asian inspired take, some Bulgogi Beef or Yaki Tori is an excellent way to go - your secret ingredient for this is Gochujhang a chilli paste that is perfect for marinating lamb, beef & chicken in. You can even have a go at marinating some chicken wings, for a twist on your regular barbecued chicken wings, or lamb chops by serving them up with an Asian style slaw of cabbage, chilli, coriander, spring onion with a dash of sesame oil and rice vinegar. Korean barbecue is on the rise, if you’re looking for punchier, spiced BBQ, this Korean style would be the way to go.

For a tangier, yet spicy, take the south Asian route. I find chicken usually works the best with these flavours. Using a tikka masala spice rub, or tandoori spice rub mixed in a couple of tablespoons of Greek yoghurt, with the juice of a lemon and some salt and pepper marinate your preferred cut of chicken. If you’re going for a healthier approach, a lean breast of chicken will work well with this marinade as the yoghurt works as a tenderiser to help keep your breast succulent. Served with chopped cucumber, mint, tomato and lime salad or even some fries, I love oven-baked sweet potato fries, you can end up with an easy twist on your typical summer barbecue.

If you’d rather stick to your traditional BBQ, but with a tiny twist. Changing up your serving sauce is a simple way of taking your preferred cut of meat, basic lamb chops, for example, and giving them a revamp, my personal favourite is adding South American twist with some Chimichurri sauce. Parsley, garlic, olive oil, chilli, oregano, finely chopped red onion and red wine vinegar and you have a simple addition to your classic style barbeque. The freshness of the sauce is the perfect accompaniment to a steak or lamb chops, the acidity cuts right through the fat and compliments the meat beautifully.

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